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Poster: morst Date: Jun 6, 2007 3:48pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: First Time Mac User Still Confused After FAQ

That sounds about right, although I prefer to encode to FLAC rather than SHN format. I use Terminal to ftp, but you might prefer a graphic interface.

Terminal is rather easy though- you can select a local directory before you issue the ftp command by typing "cd " (note the space, and use lower case) and then dragging a folder from the finder into the terminal window, then going back to the terminal window and clicking the return key. "ls" will show you the list of files in the directory.
Once you are set locally, and have gone to and been given a location to ftp into (keep that page open or bookmark it, you'll need it to finish up), you just type "ftp " (again, note the space) then paste in the location which will look something like and press return.
Now after entering your user name and password, the "ls" command will tell you the contents of the REMOTE directory- it will only be one thing, and that's the directory you will change to in order to upload.
type "cd " (lower case once again, and there is a space character there!) and then the exact title of the directory you need, and click return, and you will be in the right spot. the "pwd" command will tell you the name of the directory you are in, in case you are not sure.
Now type "prompt" and click return to toggle prompting off, and then type "mput *" to do a "multiple put" (upload) of every file in your local directory.
Sit back and watch the fun. When the upload is finished, you can type "bye" or just close the terminal window, then go back to your browser and follow step #4:
"When you are finished uploading your files, check your item in by clicking on this link."

Enter as much info as you can, and you'll be all set! You'll then have to pick a collection in which to place your new fileset, be sure to use the Live Music Archive section for live concerts. One weird thing you might notice, is that after you pick the section, you will wind up back at that same page until the archive catches up and creates the page for your show. Don't worry about it, just do something else for a few minutes, and try re-loading it. Once the show pops up, it will gradually fill in the derived files if you allowed them (please do if possible! lots of folks don't need the full SHN/FLAC quality for their MP3 players!).
You will be able to go back and edit the info, and go to the "item manager" if needed in order to add or change files. I like to post images of the ticket stub, the show poster, and some photos along with the audio, and sometimes you don't have them ready to go right away. . .
I like to "bookmark" all my uploads so I can find them later, and point people to my list.
my bookmark page is here:

Yours will be the same but with your user name instead of mine!



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